Fred Mahana made millions of people happy. . .

If you ever found yourself on the Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk in the 1950s through 1980s,
chances are you've been touched by Fred Mahana's creative genius and didn't even know it.

Over the years, Fred designed many of the attractions and rides you came to know and love:

Mahana's Marionettes
Mahana's Puppet Theatre
the Palace of Illusions
the Theatre of Blood
the In Concert
Dracula's Castle
Hitchcock Manor
King Kong
and many more

Along with the non Wildwood attractions of:

Brigantine Castle and Ocean City, Maryland's Hollywood Wax Museum

You may have . . .

dined at any number of Fred's or his family's establishments:

Black Lantern, Circus Wagon, Sniffy's Hut, Dunks N Dogs/Fast Buck Freddie's, or Chips 'N More


shopped at one of Fred's stores:

Maxfields or Treasure Island

But Fred's story started long before his Wildwood ventures.
His childhood accomplishments were awe inspiring as well.

So please join us and find out more about the man you may never have been introduced to,
but have always known.  Take a closer look at a man who made a career out of making people happy. . .

a man who deserved more credit than was ever given him.

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