Fred's other ventures you may recall

The Black Lantern

Fast Buck Freddie's

Sniffy's Hut
, originally called Snoopy's Hut (changed for obvious legal reasons),
was a favorite of Fred's.  Sniffy's featured hot dogs and hamburgers at low prices.

Fred toyed with the idea of re-opening a Sniffy's in the late '90s, however the revisiting of that old friend did not come to pass.

Dunks N Dogs

Dunks N Dogs

The Whistle Stop

Famous Freddie's Fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory

Chips 'n More


Treasure Island would be Fred's final venture, run along with his wife and son.

Many a beach chair and float was purchased here. Known for their lower pricing, Treasure Island enjoyed many repeat customers from year to year.

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