Fred had an incredible vision, never thinking an idea could be impossible to build. With the help of many other talented people, Fred's visions were brought to life in spectacular form and enjoyed by many.

This page is dedicated to the many rides that were born from the creative mind of Fred Mahana. Each a custom ride, designed with extreme pride by Fred. Always with an idea how to accomplish it, he loved making people happy.

Now it is our pleasure to give back to Fred, by giving credit where it was long overdue and reintroducing his many creations to all of you. Thank you for visiting.

As you browse through the gallery, listen to the teaser for the Poseidon Adventure/Jaws attraction, once again featuring the voice of former American Movie Classics host, Bob Dorian.


Attractions below include: Castle Dracula, Empire Strikes Back, Exorcist, Haunted House, Hitchcock Manor, In Concert, King Kong, Lost World, Mechanical Circus, Moon Buggies, the Airplane ride, Planet of the Apes, Safari ride, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes, Star Wars and various exhibits from Ocean City, MD's Hollywood Wax Museum.

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